Uluwatu is Bali’s most famous wave and for lots of good reasons. For starters, it was one of the first waves that came back from Bali on film. But, it’s more than that. Uluwatu picks up tons of swell, making it one of the island’s most consitent, and it peels beautifully at nearly any size. It’s basically the perfect wave or, more accurately, a series of 5 perfect waves: Temples, Bombie, The Peak, Outside Corner and Racetrack. Each is amazing but each acts a bit differently, especially on different tides, so consider the size and tides when deciding where to paddle out. Overall though, on the bigger days, low tide is generally the best bet and on smaller days, low-mid tide.)

Other than surfing you will find good spearfishing spot beyond those big waves area. It is a flat under sea bottom with different depth level

Variety of Fish : Spanish Macarell, Giant Travelly, Tuna, Snappers, Unicorn and Mahi-mahi.

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