Welcome to spearfishingbali.com!

My name is MARIO REICH, I was born and raised in Bali by my German father and Indonesian mother.

I grew up a few hundred meters from the sea, and at an early age, I’ve learned to swim, dive, surf and to spearfish. I have explored all the shores around Bali and many other shores on the Indonesian islands to find the perfect spots to exercise my hobby.

I have learned from different teachers and acquired all the necessary certificates to execute my hobbies safely and teach safety among my customers.

See below my selection of certificates:
• Search and Rescue Certificate
• Life Guard Bronze Certificate
• PADI International Diving Certificate
• Surfing and Free Diving Skills

Spear fishing, Diving and Surfing have all become a passion in my life, and for that reason I would like to guide, teach, introduce and make you very enjoy them on the best spots of Bali.

I can advice you in the best spot for surfing and spearfishing which change according to the tides and the time of the year.

It will be my pleasure to have you particiate in my life on this beautiful island of Bali.